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Get the best talent

We have some of the most experienced AAA developers, with an average experience of 12 years and a combined portfolio of 35 titles in our CVs. We have welcomed to our team several proven AAA leads, to build a strong core foundation.

Grow your team

With our perks and our culture, directly influenced by Denmark standards of performance and quality, together with having the most interesting projects in south Europe, we are able to attract more talent, and we can get the developers you need. We have become an attraction pole of talent.

Get full potential

By focusing on integrating our team members with the core team, and by maintaining high standards, our teammates become experts in your projects and become part of it. They are not just contractors that will leave as soon as the work is done.

Retain know-how

You will be able to keep developers project after project as they become experts in your tools, your processes and become valued members of your teams, both professionally and personally.

Our Clients

Why are we a good choice

AAA projects become bigger and better every year, and finding good developers becomes increasingly challenging. That is why AAA studios have to hire talent worldwide.

There is one thing lacking in fully remote positions though, and it is what makes developers who gained studio and project expertise want to stay for the next project: the sense of belonging and ownership.

In Big Bangs Per Second, we have united and strong co-development teams that synergize, help each other, and become experts in your studio and your projects, so we can provide continuous support with all the accumulated knowledge.

We are located in Barcelona, a beautiful & sunny city, full of available talent and expertise in videogames.