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Join us

Work on the best AAA games in the world, on the core features

As a developer, you will be able to work on the core of the best games in the world, you will be a member of the main team, have your voice heard daily, participate in all meetings, have your opinion count as much as anyone else and you’ll work on main tasks.

All of this is because you will be integrated as one more developer on the main studio.

Your talent, passion, and expertise will have an impact on the project as you will be shaping it to become a great and impactful game.

Make friends in the office, work with them from home

Part of your team will be in other offices around the world, but this does not mean you’ll be working alone at home. You will also have part of the team where you belong, here in Barcelona, with us. With our schedule of partial remote work, you will not only enjoy the flexibility of working from home a few days every week, but you will also have a place to bond with your peers, to talk about the project and challenges in person, to go out for lunch some times, and to share a beer together and in general, make good friends.

Enjoy life

Working closely with IOI, we are inspired by the Danish work culture both in terms of productivity and well being.
We also get to apply this culture in the great city of Barcelona, which means that we can fully enjoy life both at work and afterward.

We care about us, and this includes you. We all want to have healthy lifestyles while working on AAA games. We are proud to show that we have achieved this feat.

A happy and rested developer works better and produces more.